As the reopening continues we are pleased to announce that inline with government guidelines we will be running limited fossil walks again from the 4th July, as other leisure activities and venues reopen! This is really exciting however, as a part of this there will be some significant changes to the way we operate. Please take the time to read these important changes for this summer season highlighted below. 


As locals there has never been a better time to explore and get to know the island better than this summer. A fossil walk can be an awesome way to explore and experience the island and learn more about one of the aspects that makes us so unique, our internationally renowned palaeontology and the fascinating story it tells! As a result we are offering a 10% discount for island residents on a fossil walk with us, to encourage people who are staying local to discover just how amazing our island can be. As our way of saying thank you, we are also offering all NHS staff a 10% discount on a fossil walk with us! 


Large public fossil walks are understandably completely out of the question and we will not be running these this summer season. Instead all of our bookings this summer will be small private walks limited to a maximum of 5 people, to ensure that along with our guide there are no more than 6 people present.  As of 14/09/20 and the reintroduction of the ‘rule of six’ this is strictly enforced.


Sites where we spend large amounts of time as a group in close proximity, such as St Catherine’s Point are not available for booking. This summer we are limiting our fossil walks to four key sites Compton/Brook Bays, Grange Chine, Thorness Bay and Shanklin. These are more open sites with safe easy access and where social distancing between our guides, customers and other beach goers is easy to maintain. 


Our guides will be using PPE during our fossil walks including disposable gloves and facemasks. Our customers will also be offered the use of disposable facemasks should they wish. 


While we can still accept cash payments, we are strongly encouraging the use of payment via PayPal invoice. This method is quick, safe and completely contactless, and eliminates the need for our customers to use cash points. 


Do not travel to the Isle of Wight for the sole purpose of a fossil walk with Wight Coast Fossils. If your booking is part of an extended and pre-organised visit/holiday to the island we are happy to take your booking, however if you are thinking of crossing the Solent just for a booking with us, with kindly ask that you do not do so.