Fossil Walks

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of the 4th July 2020 we are reopening for fossil walks however there are key changes to the way we operate. PUBLIC WALKS will NOT be running during the 2020 season. Instead we are running PRIVATE WALKS ONLY, with a maximum booking size of 5. These can be booked at 4 different sites Shanklin, Compton Bay, Grange Chine and Thorness Bay where social distancing can be easiest to maintain! For more information please see our COVID-19 page.  

Our guided fossil walks have been expertly designed using our local expertise to give you the opportunity to hunt for fossils at 8 stunning locations around the Island! Walk in the footsteps of a herd of dinosaurs at Hanover Point, or search for beautiful chalk ammonites amongst the striking landscape of St Catherine’s Point! No matter your level of interest, experience or knowledge we have the prehistoric experience for you!

“We had a brilliant afternoon! A real highlight of our holiday”

At Wight Coast Fossils we run two types of guided fossil walks, public and private. Public walks are guided experiences at iconic Isle of Wight fossil sites. They are open to anyone and are run on a schedule, with a certain number of spaces available on each walk. These walks are perfect for families and individuals that are looking to spend a relaxed afternoon or morning on the beach with our fossil guides, discovering and learning about the island’s ancient past.

Private walks are more exclusive trips, designed for small groups who are looking for a more in-depth and 1 to 1 fossil hunting experience with our guides. These walks are arranged around your own time, and can be booked at a range of more specialist fossil hunting sites, an excellent opportunity to experience our prehistoric past, on the UK’s very own dinosaur island!

Footsteps Of Giants! – Available for the 2020 season

Our most popular fossil walk! Footsteps of Giants offers a unique guided tour focusing on the famous early Cretaceous dinosaur footprints and trackways found at Hanover Point. At 130 million years old these footprints are a fascinating and unique record of life on the floodplains of the world-famous Wessex Formation. Learn how these footprints formed, the different types of dinosaur tracks we can find and what they tell us about life on the island’s ancient floodplain.

Tide depending, we can even take you to the in-situ Iguanodon trackway on the foreshore at Hanover point, giving you the chance to walk amongst the tracks of a herd of herbivorous dinosaurs!

Duration: 1 or 2 hours

Locality: Compton/Brook Bay (Hanover Point Car Park)

This walk is family friendly and is available as both a public and private walk.

Dinosaur Floodplains – Available for the 2020 season

Embark on an expert guided tour of the world-famous early Cretaceous floodplain deposits of the Wessex Formation! Learn why the Isle of Wight is the best locality in Europe for dinosaur fossils, gain an insight into life in this fascinating ancient environment and see evidence of the vast rivers that once flowed here, all whilst hunting for your own dinosaur fossils!


Duration: 1 or 2 hours

Locality: Grange Chine

This walk is family friendly and is available as both a public and a private walk.

Greensand Seas – Available for the 2020 season

115 million years ago the Isle of Wight lay under a sandy coastal sea, home to a diverse marine ecosystem. Powerful tidal currents deposited sands, muds and pebbles across the shallow seafloor, forming the towering cliffs we now see at Shanklin. Beautifully preserved marine molluscs, fossil driftwood and the rare remains of dinosaurs litter the beach here.

Duration: 1-2 hours

Locality: Shanklin

This walk is family friendly but is not suitable for those with limited mobility it is only available as a public walk .

Ammonites Galore – Not available for the 2020 season

Dive below the surface of the Late Cretaceous sea and come face to face with one of the world’s most iconic fossils, the ammonites. Set amongst the rugged landscape of Rocken End on the Isle of Wight’s most southerly point, you’ll have the chance to explore the diversity of marine life in the Late Cretaceous seas that once covered most of the UK!

Tools are provided

Duration: 2 hours

Locality: St. Catherine’s Point or Rocken End

This walk is not suitable for small children or those with limited mobility and is only available as a private walk.

Cretaceous Coasts – Not available for the 2020 season

Travel back into the Cretaceous period, and watch as global sea levels rise. The low lying dinosaur-inhabited floodplains that once dominated our region are slowly flooded by the ocean, transitioning into shallow lagoons then an open shallow sea. This is an opportunity to find a large variety of different fossils, from the remains of small bivalves to perfectly preserved fossil lobsters!


Tools are provided

Duration: 2-3 hours

Locality: Atherfield (Shepherds Chine)

Can be booked as a private walk only.

Eocene Everglades – Available for the 2020 season

34 million years ago during the Eocene epoch the northern Isle of Wight lay on a low-lying sub-tropical coastal plain. Home to alligator-infested wetlands and lush forests with bizarre ancient mammals, travel back in time at the stunning Thorness Bay to a time when the Isle of Wight resembled the Florida Everglades! Hunt for the fossils of alligators, turtles, fish and prehistoric mammals and learn why the Isle of Wight is one of the most important Eocene localities in Europe!

Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Locality: Thorness Bay

Can be booked as a private walk only.

Oligocene Plains – Not available for the 2020 season

Head off on an expedition into a 33 million-year-old coastal floodplain at the remote Bouldnor and Hamstead Cliffs, the most important site in the UK for the fossils of Oligocene vertebrates. Search amongst the shingle for the fossils of prehistoric mammals, alligators, fish, birds and turtles. Learn about the environment here 33 million years ago and discover how one of the most climatically chaotic periods in our past influenced life here.

Duration: 2 hours

Locality: Bouldnor Cliff

Can be booked as a private walk only.

Walk to the Chalk – Not available for the 2020 season

A unique guided geological tour that takes in the entire Cretaceous period! Travel through over 50 million years of the Isle of Wight’s geological record in just 3 hours, as you bear witness to the vast environmental changes that took place during the Cretaceous! You’ll have the chance to find everything from the remains of dinosaurs to the beautiful fossils of marine molluscs!

Duration: 2+ hours

Locality: Yaverland or Compton Bay

Not suitable for children and only available as a private walk.


As part of our COVID-19 procedures island residents and NHS staff recieve a 10% discount on a booking with us!

Public Walks

Join our professional guides on a 2 hour fossil hunt along one of the island’s beaches. You’ll be shown examples of different fossils before heading down and finding your own! Our guides will happily identify all your finds, and you can keep as many as you can carry home!

On our ‘Footsteps of the Giants’ tour, you will see the dinosaur foot-casts that are naturally eroding out of the cliffs onto the beach. These are protected, and should not be damaged or removed. This way they remain for everyone to enjoy!

Public walks take place at Compton Bay for ‘Footsteps of the Giants’, Grange Chine for ‘Dinosaur Floodplains’ and Shanklin for ‘Greensand Sea’.

Adult £8.50
Child (5-15 yrs)£5*
Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children)£20
Senior ticket (2 seniors, 2 children)£17

* (Children under 5 to go free, ticket includes participation certificate)

Private Walks

Would you like to go on a guided tour but not be surrounded by strangers? Or have specific interests in the geology and fossils of the Isle of Wight? Our private tours are tailored to your specific interests and needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice, our team will be on hand to identify your fossils! Private walks are a popular holiday treat or a great birthday gift for those who are adventurous or fossil mad!

1-hour private walk£40*
2-hour private walk£50*
Walk to the Chalk£60
Ammonites Galore£60

*(Price is for a group up to 6 persons, additional £5 extra per person)

* (Children under 5 go free)

Availability of fossil tours can be found here.

To book your fossil walk today, please contact a member of the team at: