Public Fossil Walks

Our public walks offer a casual and relaxed opportunity to explore the most iconic fossil hunting locality on the Isle of Wight, Compton Bay. Join us for a leisurely stroll along the shoreline, searching for the remains of ancient life from our geological past, learning about the unique geology, and encountering the world-famous dinosaur footprints!

Our public walks are held at our most popular locality, Compton Bay, owned and cared for by the National Trust!

Compton yields a very high diversity of fossils, all sat on the beach waiting to be found. From dinosaur bones, fossil shells, and all the ancient beasties in the flintstones! Compton is also easily accessible to all ages and abilities, with ample parking available, and on site facilities provided by the trust.

We also walk back in time to walk in the Footsteps of Giants, focusing on the famous 130 million-year-old Wessex Formation dinosaur footprints and trackways found at Hanover Point! Learn how the footprints formed, the different species of dinosaur tracks we can encounter, and what they tell us about dinosaur biology and life on ancient floodplains.


Adult (18-60 yrs old) – £8.50

Senior (60+ yrs old) – £6.50

Child (5-17 yrs old) – £5

Child (0-4 yrs old) – FREE

Family ticket (2x adults, 1x children) – £20

Family ticket (2x adults, 2x children) – £22

Family ticket (2x adults, 3x children) – £25

Grandparent ticket (2x seniors, 2x children) – £18

October half term 2023 public walks

Wednesday, 1st November, 15.00 – 17.00

Friday, 3rd November, 9.00 – 11.00

Compton Bay at a glance…

Compton Bay is the island’s most famous fossil-hunting location and with good reason! Located on the southwest coast, the bay is famous not just for its iconic views and surfing, but for the ancient stories within its rocks.