Welcome to Wight Coast Fossils

Established by local Island fossil hunters, Theo Vickers, Jack Wonfor and Megan Jacobs, Wight Coast Fossils aims to share, preserve and protect the stunning and unique geological heritage that the Isle of Wight has to offer! From the bones of gigantic dinosaurs to beautifully preserved ammonites, the rich and world-famous fossils of the Isle of Wight tell a dramatic story of an Island 130 million years in the making!

As of spring 2019, we are expanding our venture to give you the chance to come face to face with our ancient prehistoric past! Get out into the field on our stunning Island coastline and take a step back in time on our guided fossil walks, learning about and discovering your very own piece of prehistory!


Lifelong island fossil hunters, our team have expert knowledge of the geology and palaeontology of the Isle of Wight and are passionate about the protection, conservation and public awareness of our renowned geological heritage. With scientific backgrounds in palaeontology and biology come out into the field with us in search of relics of our ancient past! Click here to learn more!

Fossil Walks

At Wight Coast Fossils we cater for all group sizes and interests offering guided fossil walks at 8 different fossil hunting sites around the Isle of Wight! You’ll have the chance to find everything, from the teeth and bones of dinosaurs to exquisitely preserved fossil insects! Click here to learn more!