Welcome to Wight Coast Fossils

At Wight Coast Fossils we offer public and private guided fossil hunting experiences on the stunning coastline of the Isle of Wight! One of the best places on Earth to come face to face with the ancient past, the Isle of Wight has a rich fossil record spanning 130 million years, from the dinosaurs of the early Cretaceous to the freezing tundra of the last Ice Age!

Take a step back in time…

Our fossil walks have something for fossil hunters of all ages, abilities and interests! Fossil hunt at 4 different sites around the island with our guides, explore the ancient story of the Isle of Wight and discover your own piece of our prehistoric past!

Meet our team…

Lifelong island fossil hunters with scientific backgrounds in palaeontology and biology learn more about our guides before you head out into the field with us!

Your journey into the ancient past begins..